Friday, February 26, 2010

I really can't decide.........

     Okay so my next obsession! I want a really cute backpack. Carrying all of my things in a tote is really getting to my back. And I know I sound like an old lady, but ever since I was young I've always had back problems, or really bad back aches. Carrying all of my things on one shoulder is a lot of pain!! So now my problem is, which out of these two do I pick?

The Longchamp ($125)


The Vera ($75 on eBay)
     Originally I would have gone with the Vera. The thing is I'd get it on eBay because it's way cheaper. About $10 cheaper, has no tax, and there is also no shipping fee. It's no contest right? Absolutely not. I always make my decisions way more difficult than they have to be. The Longchamp is $125, I think it also is free of shipping charges, and there are no taxes added to it if I purchase online. I also think that paying $125 is worth it. The overall quality of Longchamp and the leather is very nice. Someone please tell me what to do!! I would love the Longchamp in the color shown above, or in Navy Blue, Black, or Light Blue. I would ideally love the Vera in her 'Loves Me' print.

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alanna said...

i would go for the lonchamp! even though it is a little bit more expensive i've had mine for years and the solid color goes with everything!!