Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lilly P, why must you tease me?

     So I am definitely going to have to add another Lilly piece to my purchase in Winter Park this week... It's so darn cute, and costs just as much as the dress I'm getting. Since I was thinking of buying another dress for around the same price as the original one, I'm just going to get the one shoulder stripped top that I saw along with the Adrianna dress from my first post. Kevin (the boyfriend) made reservations at El Bodegon in Winter Park for Friday night (since I work the rest of the weekend, YUCKK :o(!!), and before dinner I'm gonna pop by the Lilly store and purchase both of the pieces! Originally I wanted to have my Lilly by our V-Day dinner so I could wear it, but unfortunately it won't be a Lilly Pulitzer Valentine :o( Well in the V-Day email wish list I sent Kevin I included a LP cocktail shaker and some LP coasters!! Oh well I can only hope..
     P.S. I've been blogging way too frequently, I think this is my new obsession!
     P.S.S. I'm wearing my cuuute $6 cords today! It's so chilly here in FL!! My aunt from NJ called earlier and complained about all of the snow up there! Is it terrible that I secretly wish I could be up there playing in it??

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