Friday, February 26, 2010

I really can't decide.........

     Okay so my next obsession! I want a really cute backpack. Carrying all of my things in a tote is really getting to my back. And I know I sound like an old lady, but ever since I was young I've always had back problems, or really bad back aches. Carrying all of my things on one shoulder is a lot of pain!! So now my problem is, which out of these two do I pick?

The Longchamp ($125)


The Vera ($75 on eBay)
     Originally I would have gone with the Vera. The thing is I'd get it on eBay because it's way cheaper. About $10 cheaper, has no tax, and there is also no shipping fee. It's no contest right? Absolutely not. I always make my decisions way more difficult than they have to be. The Longchamp is $125, I think it also is free of shipping charges, and there are no taxes added to it if I purchase online. I also think that paying $125 is worth it. The overall quality of Longchamp and the leather is very nice. Someone please tell me what to do!! I would love the Longchamp in the color shown above, or in Navy Blue, Black, or Light Blue. I would ideally love the Vera in her 'Loves Me' print.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Successful shopping weekend!

     So what was supposed to be a very low key shopping day, turned into me buying wayy to many things. Originally I just wanted to buy a Vera Bradley laptop case for my new MacBook but that's not the way it turned out...
     I had Kevin with me, so naturally, I went a little crazy and bought the boy a wardrobe like I always do! We found a fabulous salmon colored custom fit Polo button up for $45 at Bloomingdales! I also finally bought myself my Ray Ban Wayfarers (also at Bloomingdales).  Then we walked around the mall for a little and went into Louis Vuitton (so I could stare at the preshh Speedy 25/30 that I will be getting once my tax return comes in). And as I was holding the two purses up to Kevin, who was spacing out, I noticed a large crowd gathering around the store outside. Then I turned around to see what Kevin was looking at, and it ended up being Lebron James!! Just sitting there in the back of the store! And Kevin didn't let me go over there to get an autograph lol..
     After all of that hooplah we continued to shop. I got the cutest seersucker dress at American Eagle! Then we went over to the Premier Outlets and Stopped by Vineyard Vines and I got a new sash to pair with that AE dress. Also HAD to stop by J. Crew and Picked up yet another new pair of chinos and a pair of 9'' mint green shorts for Kev.

AE Seersucker dress $45

The sash I got is actually red with blue anchors.
I got it at the Vineyard Vines Outlet store $30 :o)

     So the original purpose for even going out to shop, I was in need of a laptop case. I came to the conclusion that spending $80 for a Vera Bradley case was just way too much. So I turned to my other love, Hello Kitty. I tried to drag Kevin into the Sanrio store, but he absolutely hates everything about it, so I went in and took a quick look for myself. Unfortunately they didn't have any cases at all but they told me to look online. I went on and got a really cute one without all of the crazy handles and extra zippers the Vera case had.

Hello Kitty laptop case on $45!!
Very sleek :o)

     All of this shopping has left me wanting more! I have formulated a wish list in my head! Will post it sometime this week! Love, love, love.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I should be doing other things.

Really.. This website is my savior when I am bored! I haven't quite gotten the hang of it though. I just like to put together little things that I like. It's a great filler inbetween classes (and during). Although, all I have left to do today is my one class, then work. THEN, it's the weekend!! :o)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hooray For Presents!!!

     Last night, after the longest work day of my life, I finally got to cuddle with my man! Work was only seven hours, but it was seven hours packed with major stress and 300+ customers. I ended up getting off around 10 then hopping on the road to Kevin's. There awaited my presents and flowers :o) He got me:
Vera Bradley make-up case

Eat Pray Love - by Elizabeth Gilbert

5 (for $5) of these little guys from Bath & Body Works

And a Hello Kitty plush toy!!! 

     I thought his gifts were very thoughtful and cute! Last year we both had gone above and beyond for each other And this year, being only our second Valentine's Day, we decided to keep it low key. I love everything he gave me last night because it was nothing I asked for, but everything I wanted. He knows me so well!


Saturday, February 13, 2010


Wooohooo! So today, after much waiting, I finally got my Lilly. But I didn't just get one, I got two :o)! They're both Adrianna dresses, so they're pretty much the same style, different prints. The top I originally wanted (which is pictured in my post below), wasn't available in my size so I just ended up purchasing another dress since the top was going to be the same price as the first dress anyway. I had originally set out $300 to spend at Lilly, and I truly think it was well spent. I would have never imagined my first purchase to be two dresses!! I am just so so happy! The store is beautiful and so is Winter Park!
     I had planned on making my purchase yesterday, but of course the rain ruined everything. Well, not everything.. By the time Kevin and I got onto Main St. in Winter Park, Lilly was closed :o( So then we ended up looking at different shops and went into Ulta and Guitar Center (for his sake..), then we went to our fabulous dinner at El Bodegon. The Sangrias were divine!! The best I've ever had.

The original one.

The extra one :o) (also comes with printed sash)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lilly P, why must you tease me?

     So I am definitely going to have to add another Lilly piece to my purchase in Winter Park this week... It's so darn cute, and costs just as much as the dress I'm getting. Since I was thinking of buying another dress for around the same price as the original one, I'm just going to get the one shoulder stripped top that I saw along with the Adrianna dress from my first post. Kevin (the boyfriend) made reservations at El Bodegon in Winter Park for Friday night (since I work the rest of the weekend, YUCKK :o(!!), and before dinner I'm gonna pop by the Lilly store and purchase both of the pieces! Originally I wanted to have my Lilly by our V-Day dinner so I could wear it, but unfortunately it won't be a Lilly Pulitzer Valentine :o( Well in the V-Day email wish list I sent Kevin I included a LP cocktail shaker and some LP coasters!! Oh well I can only hope..
     P.S. I've been blogging way too frequently, I think this is my new obsession!
     P.S.S. I'm wearing my cuuute $6 cords today! It's so chilly here in FL!! My aunt from NJ called earlier and complained about all of the snow up there! Is it terrible that I secretly wish I could be up there playing in it??

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

When I Die, the J. Crew Outlet Store May As Well Be My Heaven...

OMGGGGGG I am so glad I got my lazy patootie outta bed and out to do some shopping! I hit the Prime Outlets here in Orlando and got some wonderful steals. For starters I got a beautiful mint green button up at J. Crew, as well as some 3in. navy blue chinos, and $6 burgundy matchstick cords. Yes you heard right $6!!! Then I got basic tee's and cami's at Forever XXI (which I had to devote a full hour to), such a mess, I can't ever wrap my head around the entire store. I also got these brown fabulous sandals at the Gap outlet store, but I can't for the life of me find a picture of them anywhere. Anyways, I also got my man a beautiful apple green polo from the Brooks Brothers factory store. Only $50! Wow I think I am gonna definitely have to go back and buy him some more in all of the colors of the rainbow. I was also thinking of buying him a tie there (at $45 a pop), but then as life would have it, the J. Crew outlet was having an even better sale, at $19.99 a tie! I think I will have to go back sometime this week before Valentine's Day and buy him at least two ties. Love, love, love!! :o)

It's Raining Pearls!

I can never understand why it is that rain makes everything ten times more difficult than it has to be.. Today was supposed to be a pretty smooth day, although I did not have the right attitude for it. I had my speech class, in which I was actually presenting a speech, and the hours leading to that speech were so very stressful!! Originally after class I was supposed to quickly run over to Bice (Bee-ch-ay), the restaurant where I work at, and start my hostess shift at 4:30. Luckily, I was called off from work, so I became a little more relaxed. I don't know wether to go shopping or not.. This rain is definitely making me not want to drive out to Winter Park to pick up my Lilly, but I may just do some online shopping instead. I am in dire need of some new jewelry (PEARLS). Hers's some cute pieces from J. Crew and Forever XXI (for a STEAL at about $4). 

J.Crew $39.50

Forever XXI a set of three $3.80

Not even expensive at all! I may even just get my little booty out of bed and head over to the mall. I need these pearls NOW! The gold flower pearls in the first picture are from Coach. I never really knew how absolutely cute there jewelry really was. And get this, THEY ARE ONLY $58!! Talk about verrry cute jewelry on a budget!

Monday, February 8, 2010

My First Lilly!! :o)

     Okay so I am finally heading over to the Lilly Pulitzer store in Winter Park sometime this week! I'm starting off pretty modest with an Adrianna Printed Slub. It's so adorable, I looove the wide contrast neckline and the cute seahorse print. Aside from the Lilly Dresses I so often dream of having, I am becoming more and more obsessed with her FABULOUS stationary and organizers. I've always been a plain post it kind of girl, but adding a little flair couldn't possibly hurt! I am also in dire need of some beige J. Crew Boyfriend Chinos. I have to check out their outlet store. Well I don't have much else to say. There are so many more things that I want, and so many more things that I'm going to get!! This is my first post about my first Lilly, and hopefully more to come!!