Sunday, February 21, 2010

Successful shopping weekend!

     So what was supposed to be a very low key shopping day, turned into me buying wayy to many things. Originally I just wanted to buy a Vera Bradley laptop case for my new MacBook but that's not the way it turned out...
     I had Kevin with me, so naturally, I went a little crazy and bought the boy a wardrobe like I always do! We found a fabulous salmon colored custom fit Polo button up for $45 at Bloomingdales! I also finally bought myself my Ray Ban Wayfarers (also at Bloomingdales).  Then we walked around the mall for a little and went into Louis Vuitton (so I could stare at the preshh Speedy 25/30 that I will be getting once my tax return comes in). And as I was holding the two purses up to Kevin, who was spacing out, I noticed a large crowd gathering around the store outside. Then I turned around to see what Kevin was looking at, and it ended up being Lebron James!! Just sitting there in the back of the store! And Kevin didn't let me go over there to get an autograph lol..
     After all of that hooplah we continued to shop. I got the cutest seersucker dress at American Eagle! Then we went over to the Premier Outlets and Stopped by Vineyard Vines and I got a new sash to pair with that AE dress. Also HAD to stop by J. Crew and Picked up yet another new pair of chinos and a pair of 9'' mint green shorts for Kev.

AE Seersucker dress $45

The sash I got is actually red with blue anchors.
I got it at the Vineyard Vines Outlet store $30 :o)

     So the original purpose for even going out to shop, I was in need of a laptop case. I came to the conclusion that spending $80 for a Vera Bradley case was just way too much. So I turned to my other love, Hello Kitty. I tried to drag Kevin into the Sanrio store, but he absolutely hates everything about it, so I went in and took a quick look for myself. Unfortunately they didn't have any cases at all but they told me to look online. I went on and got a really cute one without all of the crazy handles and extra zippers the Vera case had.

Hello Kitty laptop case on $45!!
Very sleek :o)

     All of this shopping has left me wanting more! I have formulated a wish list in my head! Will post it sometime this week! Love, love, love.


Kate said...

LOVE the sash! I didn't realize VV had an outlet store. I wish they would open up something on the west coast!

PS-The cardigan/sweater you asked about is still available. Shoot me an email if you are interested:

Molly said...

I would just kill to set foot in a Vineyard Vines store!