Monday, February 15, 2010

Hooray For Presents!!!

     Last night, after the longest work day of my life, I finally got to cuddle with my man! Work was only seven hours, but it was seven hours packed with major stress and 300+ customers. I ended up getting off around 10 then hopping on the road to Kevin's. There awaited my presents and flowers :o) He got me:
Vera Bradley make-up case

Eat Pray Love - by Elizabeth Gilbert

5 (for $5) of these little guys from Bath & Body Works

And a Hello Kitty plush toy!!! 

     I thought his gifts were very thoughtful and cute! Last year we both had gone above and beyond for each other And this year, being only our second Valentine's Day, we decided to keep it low key. I love everything he gave me last night because it was nothing I asked for, but everything I wanted. He knows me so well!


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Anonymous said...

Cute presents, i especially like the Vera Bradley make-up case and Eat,Pray,Lovewas so good! Enjoy!