Saturday, February 13, 2010


Wooohooo! So today, after much waiting, I finally got my Lilly. But I didn't just get one, I got two :o)! They're both Adrianna dresses, so they're pretty much the same style, different prints. The top I originally wanted (which is pictured in my post below), wasn't available in my size so I just ended up purchasing another dress since the top was going to be the same price as the first dress anyway. I had originally set out $300 to spend at Lilly, and I truly think it was well spent. I would have never imagined my first purchase to be two dresses!! I am just so so happy! The store is beautiful and so is Winter Park!
     I had planned on making my purchase yesterday, but of course the rain ruined everything. Well, not everything.. By the time Kevin and I got onto Main St. in Winter Park, Lilly was closed :o( So then we ended up looking at different shops and went into Ulta and Guitar Center (for his sake..), then we went to our fabulous dinner at El Bodegon. The Sangrias were divine!! The best I've ever had.

The original one.

The extra one :o) (also comes with printed sash)

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