Monday, March 1, 2010

A ton of free stuff!

So being the frugal little shopper I am, this past weekend I was running low on some makeup. I went over to Ulta and took advantage of their fabulous specials and offers. I had tried bareMinerals mineral makeup before and was impressed by the results. With the price being a little steep, I still agreed that it helped my skin and was worth buying. However, purchasing it each time I ran out of makeup proved to be an expensive habit. The drive over to Ulta (or places like Sephora, malls, etc.) was a pain, and the price wasn't helping either. With bareMinerals vast variety of mineral makeup prices ranging from $19 - $30, I felt that it was time for me to move back in with my love for Almay and Revlon drug store makeup (which is also fabulous of course, I am on a budget remember ;o)). Until this past weekend. I went in to Ulta for a little OPI, and ended up leaving with a heap of makeup. Their ads posted all over the store read "Spend $17.50 on any Ulta brand makeup and receive a free gift from us!" So I did just as the sign told me. Originally I was just looking for some pressed powder and a concealer stick. Then I stuck gold when I found the Ulta brand of mineral makeup! At $14 a pop I hoped it would work as well as the good stuff. Happily it did, and I recommend it to all of you! As for the free gift, It was a free goodie bag stuffer with great Ulta brand makeup!! Ranging from bronzer to blush, eyeshadows, nail polish, and makeup brushes. I was also set up to receive two free issues of InStyle! How fun!
Ulta brand mineral makeup $14

Ulta brand concealer stick $9

    On another note, I won my first eBay auction yesterday! I bid on a Vera Bradley Mediterranean White Backpack. I ended up getting it for $77.95 (includes shipping, no tax at all). I am verry excited, those backpacks are typically $88 plus tax in stores! I also took an unexpected shopping trip with my mother yesterday. We went to the Nike Outlets and she bought me a pair of cute running sneakers! I also stopped by the Sperry outlet (which I had no idea existed), and (almost) got my hands on a pair of Angelfish Slip-ons. I say almost because, first off, their sizes run way smaller than I ever thought. I usually wear a bigfoot size 9, and when I tried those darn shoes on yesterday I fit into a size 7.5!! The second reason why I didn't just scoop them up was because they had a scuff on the leather and apparently they were the only pair of that size left :o( No worries, I'll get them this weekend!



Molly said...

I almost bought those same Sperry's at Nordstrom Sunday! And I love mineral makeup but unfortunately my skin is too dry in the winter to wear it, so I save myself money in the winter!

Chloe said...

I'll def have to give the ulta brand a try next time I run out of bare minerals! thanks for the tip!