Wednesday, March 24, 2010

10 Things I Cannot Live Without!

     I've been seeing some fabulous bloggers out there post different bloggers "10 Things I Can't Live Without". But since my massive following of 16 bloggers won't do that for me, I will take it upon myself. I've always loved questions like "What would you rescue from a burning building...?", to "if you had to choose...?". My answers sometimes range from silly to serious. These ten things are very serious to me.

     1. To begin with, I absolutely cannot live with out Sunscreen. Living in this Florida sun can only mean one thing if I don't take care of my skin, sunspots. I Like to use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer dry touch sunblock. I use it everyday as a moisturizer underneath my makeup. It has a great light feel and it won't make my skin greasy. I always use an SPF of 30 or greater on my face, as I find it to be the most important part of my skin and would like to treat it as so. Without make up, I look like a ghost, and I'm totally fine with that!

     2. Another thing, can pretty much go hand in hand with my first item, which would be Cherry Chapstick, a classic! I love the hint of color it gives my lips, and it is a must have when you're out in the sun! Chapstick in one of my final steps when perfecting my beautiful face before I leave the house (haha!). I always exfoliate my lips and then apply Chapstick, and viola! they instantly look plumper, with a hint of color as well.

     3. The third item I can't live without would have to be my gigantic Navy Blue Longchamp. This is were every single thing I own gets sucked into a black hole. The tote is just so large that I can pretty much fit anything into it! I have used it for travel, school, overnight, and I've also folded it back up for easy storage! When it rains I even zip it up and throw it over my head! 

     4. Another item I can't live without, and I'm sure most of you couldn't live without it either, would be Water. Now I'm not stingy on the brand of the water I drink, but I do prefer Smart Water. It's just the only water I can find now a days that doesn't leave me feeling even thirstier than I did before drinking it. Water can be described as one of my beauty secrets. It sounds stupid, and your mom probably must have told you a million times before, but it really helps your skin! I used to have terrible acne, and I would always drink sodas and acidic juices, but now I only drink water and tea. I think it really has shown through on my skin, and I do recommend it to all of you as a way of helping to treat skin problems, or simply wanting to keep your skin healthy.

     5. My fifth item would of course be my Blackberry Pearl. As much as I hate this tiny phone sometimes, I go crazy without it! Now, it wasn't always this way, when I first got my Blackberry it was the first smartphone I had ever had. I thought to myself how cool it was that I could go online on my phone and manage my bank account, facebook, etc. But now being in March of 2010, this is my third Blackberry Pearl. In the past year, dating back to March of 2009, I had lost this phone twice. At a college bar, the same college bar twice! Oh boy!! So here's to managing not to loose this thing these past 6 months!!

     6. My sixth item would be my MacBook! I had always been operating on Mac, but up until recently, I finally got my own MacBook :o) I find myself doing everything on this thing. I spend all of my free time on it just looking at every possible thing, and staring in awe at the marvelous colors that appear on my computer screen. 

     7. The next thing I can't live without, would be my Ray Ban Wayfarers! I had a cheap pair from AE before I had gotten these babys, but the screw which held one of the legs on kept falling off until it got lost one day. I love the Wayfarer style, it frames my face perfectly! 
     8. Next, I have hand sanitizer! I know it probably isn't doing me any good, and that germ killing really doesn't exist, but I love the fun little hand sanitizers from Bath and Body works. There are just so many scents to choose from! My personal favorite is the Fresh Linen scent. I keep at least one or two in my makeup bag, one on my keychain, one in my car, and one in at least 3 different bags, oh and I also have a basket of them on my desk at home!
     9. & 10. The last two thing I couldn't live without is my family :o) My Mom and Star, our (my Mom's) Schnauzer. My Mom has done everything for me in my life and I can't wait till the day where I can repay her and have her sitting all pretty pool side at some 4 star resort where she'd be sipping on a frozen (with extra salt!) Margarita, and wearing some fabulous MK shades. As for Star, well she is a little brat, but she always makes me smile!


Evi said...

this is such a good blog post idea! p.s. just tagged you in an award i received!

Evi said...

so i know i commented on this a while ago but just wanted to say that i am currently obsessed with smartwater; im so glad im not the only one who carries around that monster of a bottle haha

p.s. i'm from north jersey, so about 45 mins from morristown! my roommate from villanova lives there so i'm always visiting her. such a small world :)