Tuesday, April 6, 2010

College Prepster KJP Giveaway!

     Hello! Hello! Hope everyone had a great Easter! Sorry for my lack of blogging lately! Definitely need to post some of the fabulous purchases I've made over the past couple of weeks.
     However, I do want to let ya'll know about the KJP giveaway The College Prep is having! There are some very cute things on the Kiel James Patrick website, very nautical, which I absolutely love! I've been eyeballing their website since Sarah Vickers, one of the designers for female fashions on KJP, started following me on twitter! The College Prep's giveaway includes a Headband, Bracelet, and a pair of Earrings for the winner!

     If I were to win, here are some of the accessories I would choose! 

     Hope you guys check it out, there is definitely a wide variety of things to choose from, and I wish KJP the best. The brand has a great potential to grow! This giveaway also has some perfect timing, Summer i right around the corner! :o)

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College Prepster said...

thanks! great post :-)